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(yours and mine)

The creative spark has always been at the forefront of my personal and professional interests. A few years ago on a whim, I took a laser cutting workshop. Purely because it sounded cool to get my hands on the machine. During that first class, I was inspired to create a large LED-lit marquee for my upcoming wedding. The sign was such a hit with my (now) wife, that I produced a wide variety of decorations for our wedding. Many of our guests asked, where we got our decorations. Immediately upon hearing that I made them, they encouraged me to open a store.

We did, and for a few years, I produced items in my nights and weekends. Table signs, LED marquee's, cupcake Ferris wheels, and many others.


We have always thought and talked about, "wouldn't it be nice to focus on that full-time..."


The opportunity presented itself and with the encouragement of my wife, family, friends, and colleagues–Gray Duck Things was born (hatched?). My current focus is to personalize and customize wood decor for home and special events. With a bright future, we'll expand, bringing the founding capabilities back into the catalog. I am always looking for new and unique inspiration. If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to ask.


Matthew Schrack

- Founder, Gray Duck Things


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