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Midwest Made in Chaska, MN

Midwest made custom designed home and event decor. Order from our ready-made "things" or select to personalize or custom designs.

Gray Duck?

As anyone who has ever met a Minnesotan will tell you "they are dang proud of their state!" Of course we are, it's wonderful here. In homage to our roots the name Gray Duck Things came about as a derivative of the fun we had in kindergarten. Elsewhere in the country young children play Duck Duck Goose, but in Minnesota we play Duck Duck Gray Duck. And things...well we make things. Big things, small things, colorful things...things. We didn't want to limit our creativity.

While we love every state and everyone. Our name is a simple statement of who we are. That doesn't limit what we'll do for you.

Meet Emil Jr!

Emil? As if Gray Duck wasn't weird enough...

Much like taking inspiration from my home state. When I realized the duck needed a name it only made sense to honor my Great Grandfather. A farmer, shop keeper, egg producer for WWII, and avid fisherman. It's his woodworking prowess and entrepreneurial sprit that I hope to reflect.


Each of our "things" start on a blank drawing board. We come up with original designs for your special day or everyday.


We build and carve from our shop in Chaska, MN. Shipping throughout the states.


We are all about creating unique and creative decor. Whether you find a product in our catalog that's just right, or you request

a custom item. We'll make sure it looks right for you.

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